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studio papke

sonic driving ⎢ private session

Private sessions can be hold during a festival, exhibition, or a private session with your collegues/friends as a community building activity. Sessions can be chosen by topic or may be developed specifically relating to the context of the event.

You can book a session:

● incl. a guided meditation
● incl. embodiment practices
● incl. storytelling / book reading
● your theme / idea

Price: 100€ per group
Duration: one hour
Location: Studio in Eindhoven

Participants: min. & max. five

landscapes of sympoiesis ⎢ workshop

How can we bring our bodies into conversation with the world of earth others? How can these acts become healing processes for self and society? How can we interact with the landscape to animate others, break dual concepts and use these acts as a form of pleasure activism?

The natural environment can have a tremendous positive impact on our physical and mental health. Therefore, I want to invite you into my world of caring, becoming, and making with the other to explore how our bodies and landscapes can communicate and interact. I want to share my experiences in building a playful relationship with our surrounding world beyond the human perspective while making a political statement in today‘s dichotomous world.

Within this workshop, we will discover diverse soil habitats and sharpen our senses by tasting the landscape. Furthermore, we will look into acts such as tree-hugging and explore what these gestures mean. We will transform them into contemporary choreographies by working with body language and movements in interaction with the non-human matter. At the end of this workshop, we will inhabit the landscape to exercise rest. As we are constantly distracted by our smart devices and the social pressure of being productive, this leaves space to recharge ourselves and, in the meanwhile, acts as a form of resistance.

Price: 300€ per group
Duration: three hours
Location: to be discussed

Participants: 5 - 15

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